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How to Choose the Right PHP Web Development Company

If we ask how to filter out the best PHP web development company? You would be clueless, correct?

Nowadays, every business needs to build a website for their brands, and hiring an expert team with the necessary potential remains a challenge. This is due to the lack of knowledge about the criteria essential for selecting prominent players and the list of the most updated technologies. Let's learn how to choose the PHP web development company in Australia.


What is PHP?

PHP, known as a hypertext preprocessor, is a programming language specifically designed for creating web applications and dynamic web pages.

It operates effectively on the server side, executing on the web server before sending responses to the client.

The main work of PHP is generating HTML pages, interacting with databases, processing forms and managing sessions. PHP boasts built-in support for numerous popular databases, such as MySQL and Oracle, among others. PHP development companies leverage its capabilities to efficiently handle data stored in databases,  facilitating various operations like adding, updating, deleting or querying.

How to choose a prominent PHP web development company?


Search for a company with a proven track record in PHP development. What you need to do is filter out their expertise in various PHP frameworks, databases and other technologies to ensure that the team of developers possess the necessary skills and expertise to execute the project that you want them to develop and work on.

Client reviews and technologies

Reviews play a very crucial role when you want to filter out whether you should hire a particular PHP development company. They serve as the most reliable source for insights into the companies or customers and can analyze the reputation, customer satisfaction and quality of solutions that PHP development companies deliver.


Besides client reviews, you should also consider the budget. Ensure you have sufficient funds allocated for the project to prevent unexpected financial challenges during the development process.

Security measures

What matters while developing a PHP development framework is to keep advanced security measures. Choose a company that implements robust security protocols to safeguard your web application from evolving cyber threats. Prioritizing security measures ensures long-term development success and the creation of a resilient, scalable web application.


This explains how responsive and quick is the PHP development company when clients ask them to make a few alterations to the existing design or the workflow. Also, hire a team that is able to deliver creative solutions seamlessly without preserving your core values.

Technical skills

You need to evaluate the technical capabilities of PHP developers in terms of code quality, performance optimization, security measures and adherence to the industry standards.


For a successful execution of a project, you need to communicate efficiently. Hire a company that prioritizes transparency, provides regular updates and believes in two-way communication throughout the web development process.

Approach towards project management 

It is essential to consider project management practices adopted by PHP development companies. A well-established project management system ensures timely delivery, effective coordination and clear accountability, contributing to successful project execution.


Know what technologies are used by PHP web development companies?

Now that you have learned what are the criteria for choosing a PHP web development company, we will start with technologies that PHP development companies use. Let's explore it one by one:


PHPStorm, a top choice among  PHP developers, provides coding assistance and a high-speed yet smooth interface. It excels in error highlighting and correction. This powerful integrated development environment (IDE) works seamlessly with content management systems such as Laravel, Zend, WordPress, and Magento. It offers robust features such as code analysis, debugging tools and support for various other PHP frameworks. Its benefits include:

- Compatibility with platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems that will allow developers the flexibility to work on their preferred platform.

- It allows developers to navigate complex codebases, facilitating efficient code restructuring and improvement without introducing errors.

- Getting support from a wide range of plugins and extensions allows developers to customize and enhance their development environment to suit specific needs and preferences.


Zend Studio

It is another type of PHP Storm that enhances developers' productivity through debugging PHP scripts with the help of X-ray and Zend Debugger integrations. It stands as a next-generation technology, providing a suite of tools such as coding, debugging and deploying PHP applications.


Benefits of Zend Studio

-It offers a powerful debugging capability that enables easy PHP code troubleshooting, support for local and remote debugging and integration with Xdebug for efficient troubleshooting.

- It allows easy deployment of PHP applications to cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. It supports remote server connections that will enable developers to work on remote servers.

- It helps developers to manage and query databases directly from the IDE. This will boost productivity by eliminating the need to switch between different applications.


It was previously recognized that Java development has evolved in its current version to become lightweight, faster and more supportive of PHP development. Its extensions also support several programming languages like HTML, C++ and C, showcasing familiarity with frameworks such as CakePHP, FuelPHP and Zend. This allows developers to create web applications, saving a lot of time, stop rewriting code and provide rapid application development.

It is helpful as it speeds up and standardizes the development process, reduces uncertainties and starts building an application.


Benefits of Netbeans

- It supports multiple programming languages, making it suitable for full-stack web development.

- It provides efficient project management tools for organizing and editing code within a project efficiently. 

- Being an open-source project, Netbeans has a vibrant community of developers contributing to its development, providing support and sharing valuable resources.


A framework that is used for software and web development projects adheres to the model-view-controller design pattern, including reusable PHP components and a rich set of functionalities. A popular and powerful PHP framework known for its elegant syntax, developer-friendly approach and rich feature set.

It has the ability to integrate with PHP frameworks like Codelgniter and other programming languages. Benefits of Laravel are:

- It offers an expressive routing system for handling HTTP requests and mapping them to controller actions.

- The built-in authentication and authorization functionalities, including user authentication authorization policies that make it easier to implement secure authentication mechanisms.

- Laravel can enable the execution of defined tasks at scheduled times while its queue system manages background job processing, enhancing application performance and responsiveness.


It is one of the rapidly growing web frameworks used to create dynamic web pages and websites using PHP. The Codelgniter adapts the Hierarchical model view controller (HMVC), ensuring PHP developers maintain a modular grouping of views models arranged in a subdirectory format. 

Error handling: It provides a robust mechanism for handling errors and logging capabilities. This aids developers in promptly identifying and troubleshooting issues during both development and production stages.

Database support: It supports multiple databases and offers a database abstraction layer, simplifying database handling. 

Form and data validation: It offers form validation and data validation libraries, allowing the developers to validate the user input easily and enhancing application security and integrity.

Summing up 

We hope that you now have got a clear picture on how to select the PHP web development company. PHP web development involves a rigorous procedure of selecting a company that’s flexible and helps you in building a website that’s with no error and assists you in achieving your business goals.

Microloop IT, Australia delivers the PHP web development services that are customized according to you and focuses on what frameworks and extensions can help you streamline the creation of web applications.