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Unveiling PHP: An In-depth Look into Its Top Frameworks

Did you know that more than 75% of brands use the PHP development framework to build their websites?

If you're in the FMCG, lifestyle, service provider, or any other e-commerce industry and are hesitant about selecting the right PHP framework for your business, don't let that hold back your business growth any longer! With us, you can easily create a website using a framework that best suits your business and enhances the user experience. 

Curious to know how?

In this blog, we will explore the meaning and importance of Laravel and CodeIgniter for businesses. We'll delve into the details of PHP frameworks and how they enable you to leverage the services offered by one of the best PHP development services in Australia, along with other IT solutions.

What is the PHP framework?

A PHP, or Hypertext processor framework, is a platform for building PHP web applications. For a layman, it can be referred to as a library where commonly used functions are stored, which helps developers build websites without wasting their time building the codes from scratch.

These frameworks are helpful because they standardize the development process, making it easier to build an application.

A diverse ecosystem of PHP development frameworks makes writing your PHP code easier.

Why use a PHP framework?

The PHP framework provides a basic structure to streamline the website for your business. Let's explore reasons why the PHP framework is essential for business:

1. Faster development 

PHP frameworks facilitate faster development due to their built-in libraries and tools. These resources eliminate the need for developers to create functionalities from scratch, reducing development time.

2. Libraries for common tasks 

PHP frameworks have libraries that handle everyday tasks such as form validation and data sanitization. Instead of developers having to write their functions, they can efficiently utilize the pre-existing ones provided by the framework.

3. Easier maintenance

PHP frameworks offer built-in code structures that simplify development and make maintenance easier. Developers can leverage the codes of the framework that will enhance code consistency.

4. Speed 

PHP development framework contributes to providing more security to your brand's website, indirectly speeding up the development process. With features like templates, utilities and other built-in functionalities, frameworks ensure a secure development environment.

5. Plugins and reduction in error

PHP frameworks provide a wide range of plugins, templates, add- ons that are developed by third parties within their ecosystem. These resources can be easily integrated into your project, reducing the chances of errors in PHP code.

As we study the PHP framework, next, we will discover PHP framework lists or types you might need for your business.

Laravel vs CodeIgniter

What is Laravel?

An open source PHP framework, which is easy to understand. It provides users the web developers tools and resources for building modern PHP web applications. It uses MVC architecture. MVC stands for Model, View, Controller. Let's explore what each one of them means:

The “Model” is created for database tables and defines the relationships between tables. They handle tasks such as querying the database, performing data validations, and defining the application's business rules.

View is responsible for presenting the user interface to users. It displays the data retrieved from the Model to the users in an organized manner.

Controller acts as an intermediary as it receives user requests, processes them and interacts with Model to fetch the updated data.

Why Laravel?

1. Authorization and security

It is helpful for users and brands who seek to manage authorization control and restrict access to resources. Moreover, they offer features that help ensure that only authorized users can access secured or paid resources on the website.

2. Integration of mail services 

It simplifies the integration of mail services by providing direct mail or notification to customers through API. This allows for seamless communication with customers via email, sending it quickly through cloud-based or local service of your choice.

3. Automation testing 

It ensures that software runs without any bugs or errors. Automation testing is less time-consuming than manual testing for developers building B2B websites, which requires adapting to changing trends in websites that benefit from adopting this PHP framework.

What is CodeIgniter?

The smaller lightweight PHP development framework with the most powerful features makes it ideal for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create complete featured web applications. 

The framework has certain restrictions regarding the characters allowed in the URI string to minimize the risk of passing malicious data to your application.

Why Codelgniter?

1. Less code, more speed

It allows developers to achieve faster results with less code. By typing less, developers get their hands on a CodeIgniter, and make fewer mistakes, leading to less time debugging your code.

2. Security

If your business demands a secure website, then Codelgniter is the best choice. It provides features that make it easier for programmers to write secure PHP applications. Its cookie encryption and decryption feature enhances product development, effectively tracking threats like SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, and remote code execution.

3. Easy to use 

It can be said that CodeIgniter is flexible because developers can bring variations by adding new libraries or changing behaviour with minimal effort. The framework also provides built-in libraries like calendar, email, uploading, and zip encoding. 

It's easy installation process allows you to quickly upload the files to the server and start using them. Additionally, it helps identify bugs that may hinder the user experience and enables users to enhance the website's navigation quickly.

4. Improves SEO

E-commerce websites aiming to achieve a higher ranking on the first page of search engines should use Codelgniter. It is because the feature supports a consistent website structure, allowing for enhanced functionality without disturbing the layout of existing websites.

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Which is the best PHP framework

While selecting a PHP framework for your website, consider the following factors:

1. Workload Reduction:

Opt for a framework that helps reduce your workload and minimizes the time and effort required for building a website.

2. Technical Requirements

Make sure that the framework you choose supports the database and lets you use it with your preferred web server. Moreover, consider whether your business requires a framework with specific PHP extensions.

3. Rich features 

Choose a framework that offers a comprehensive set of features. This is particularly important for websites that require regular updates and specific functionalities.

4. Documentation 

Having good documentation and support is what you should prioritize while looking for the best PHP framework for your business. A framework that has a large community is more likely to assist when you run into difficulties.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, incorporating the PHP framework is a simple and effective way to build your website quickly. 

With numerous frameworks available, choosing the one that best suits your business requirement becomes essential. To get the best PHP development services in Australia, connect with Microloop IT Solutions. We specialize in building frameworks like Laravel and Codeignter that are best for your business.

The former framework will help handle complex applications compared to other frameworks. On the other hand, the latter framework provides numerous features that help your website get the maximum benefit.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail of the PHP development framework services now!