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Top 5 Mobile App Development Service Providers in Australia

Numerous companies claim themselves as top mobile app development services in Australia, which often misguides people seeking these services. To clear up the confusion, we will take you through companies that provide the best mobile app development in Australia and give you reasons to choose them. 

We will ensure that you select the most suitable for your business and its objectives. Furthermore, we will also guide you on the current scenario of mobile app development service providers in Australia.

Let's get started!

1) Current scenario of mobile app development services in Australia:

The current scenario of mobile app development services in Australia is witnessing consistent growth in the number of Android and iOS developers, full-time professionals or freelancers. Cities like Sydney, Dakabin, and Melbourne are where you can quickly look for companies that will help you build mobile app development services. The expertise of these developers in Australia helps entrepreneurs strategize, code and launch their apps on the iOS app store and Google Play.

App development companies in Australia, offer a customized and highly scalable team that focuses on end-to-end development services. 

2) Cost at each stage of mobile app development

Analytics stage

It is recommended to allocate 15% of your total budget to this stage of mobile app development. During this phase, potential users are identified, design requirements are determined, and functional and non-functional requirements are defined. A roadmap is created to facilitate the development process, budgeting and other associated costs.

UI/UX design stage

Allocate 20% of your budget for this stage of mobile app development services. In this phase, a decision needs to be taken regarding the app UI/UX and wireframes that will help finalize the app's functionality and usability for potential users.

Development and architecture stage

The most crucial stage involves approx. 60% of your budget. The stage involves bearing the expense related to developers, testers and QA experts. They work on bug fixing, check coding and the successful construction of the app, ensuring it reaches potential users.

App launch stage

The final stage of app development services requires approx. 10% of your budget. This budget covers the costs of launching the app on mobile app stores like Google and Apple PlayStore.

3) Top 5 mobile app development service provider in Australia

1) Microloop

One of the top mobile app development service providers in Australia that provides mobile development services of high quality.

Our developers help you achieve operational efficiency and client engagement with their expertise in iOS, cross platform and android.

We help in creating apps for:




For mobile app development, we make sure to deliver exceptional customer engagement by working on:

Native app development

Android app development

Smartphone app development

Tablet app development

Design and prototyping of app development

iOS app development

Android app development

Cross platform app development


2) Science soft

We are an IT consulting and software development company that delivers mobile app development services across Australia and PAN India. With a track record of collaborating with 70+ countries and achieving a 95% customer satisfaction rate, we believe in designing, developing and planning solutions that align well with the brand's goals and mission. 

Mobile app development services by Science soft are:

Software development

Mobile app development

Web app development

UI/UX design

Application services


+1 214 306 6837

+1 972 454 4730


3) Openxcell

Openxcell provides mobile app development services that empower businesses to build and scale their team with robust software solutions facilitated by our highly creative and dedicated team.

Founded in 2009, our mission is to help you evolve your business into a profitable venture, leveraging the unrivalled experience of our highly qualified product development team.

Besides providing mobile app development services in Australia, we provide expertise in machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, artificial intelligence and other services that help you take your business to the next level.

Services offered

Custom software development 

Mobile application development

Product engineering

Web applications development

AI development

Why Openxcell?

12+ years of industry experience

500+ qualified resources

Transparent cost

Quick product delivery


+61 2 9052 4999

4) Fingent

Fingent is a leading software development company that delivers custom software solutions and enterprises worldwide. We excel in providing mobile app development services by performing a detailed analysis of your business landscape to have the perfect solution.

We stand out as one of Australia's top mobile app development services with deep knowledge and expertise in conceptualizing your business ideas and delivering the most feasible solution.

Services we offer:

Mobile application

Web application

Custom software development

Product development

Cloud engineering

Why Fingents?

Open and transparent communication

Quality assurance and testing

Optimized project management

Agile methodology framework

Extremely skilled techno functional professional

+1 (914) 615-9170


5) Internut

Internut has been serving the industry in Australia for 17 years. Over this time, we have collaborated with big clients and made a very successful history in the era of mobile app development services. 

We make sure there is:

Speedy process - To save your time and cost, we make sure that the prototype is ready in less than 14 days, eliminating the need for waiting results.

Transparency - Our app development process is characterized by clear and effective  communication and avoid use of jargons.

Lifetime support - You can count on them even after the project's delivery, as we offer the flexibility to discuss the project and its changes if required.

Internut has been in the industry since 17 years in Australia. Since then, it has worked with big clients and made a very successful history in the era of mobile app development services. 

Why internut?


They aim to design mobile apps that engage and users get results.


Building a secure, robust and scalable iOS and android mobile app.


We offer after services where we ensure that the app stays updated and gives a competitive edge in the market.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality and delivering apps at affordable prices.


Contact - 03-76610470

Key Takeaways

We hope this blog has helped you filter out top mobile app development services in Australia.

Microloop IT Solution, Australia, will assist you in launching your dream project. We have a dedicated team of experts who show their expertise in iOS, Android and cross-platform app development. Our services are tailored to enhance operational efficiency results and foster client engagement.

We hold expertise in understanding your user experience and delivering a rich user experience on small screen resolution.