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5 Popular Trends in App Development Services

As we all know, app development services have seen tremendous growth in the last few years. From watching movies, shopping, to ordering medicines is just a one click away. Firstly, the world of apps is divided into two parts a) Web app development services b) Mobile app development services. Among them, which one is popular needs to be focused by brands. Obviously, the trendy one is mobile app development services in which there has been a drastic increase in mobile users worldwide. 

In this blog, we will delve into what are popular trends in app development services and how it will help business grow to the next level.

Which Trends are Quite Popular in App Development?

1) IOT integration

It is a network of cross-connected, wireless devices with access to the internet. The devices' role is to gather information from the surrounding environment. A device that can control and monitor smart devices.

The IOT application aim is to:

Create smarter cities

Improve logistics and transportation

Agriculture transformation

Automate manufacturing

Reshape the hospitality industry

2) Apps for foldable device

The demand for foldable devices has drastically increased because of the need to have a big screen and, at the same time, use it according to convenience.

Two big companies, Samsung and Motorola, have already launched foldable phones and observed a drastic demand in the offshore markets.

So, while planning to develop an app for such devices,  make sure that the app is optimized and runs smoothly on foldable devices, ultimately giving a positive user experience.

What needs to be kept in mind is:

Responsive design

The responsive design means adapting the layout and aspect ratio for both folded and unfolded screens of mobile devices is crucial.

App continuity

Unlike conventional apps that start from scratch when a device folds or unfolds, consider implementing features that:

Restore the keyboard state

Retain text typed into input fields

Resume media from where it was paused

Restore the scroll positions in scrollable fields


 Large-screen foldable devices offer tablet-sized screens ideal for multitasking. They support split-screen and free-form modes, allowing apps to be adjusted in movable, resizable windows.

3) AI

The future of app development services is interconnected with the rapid advancement of AI. With continuous development in AI, it holds immense potential to shape the app development landscape and transform the overall user experience. Let's explore some of its features:

Increased personalization

To give a personalized experience to users, AI was introduced as it provides a highly customized experience, adapting according to user preference and requirements. Apps have become more user-centric and interactive, enhancing the overall user experience.

Voice and natural language dominance

AI-powered assistants like Siri and Google Assistant have empowered users to interact with apps and enhance their convenience and accessibility.

Enhanced user engagement

AI-driven technology, such as AR and VR, has revolutionized user engagement within mobile apps. Interactive interface and real-time data integration have the potential to captivate users and create new opportunities for app developers..

4) Mobile e-commerce

Mobile e-commerce means trading commercial goods on the online marketplace. For any simple transaction, you need to make electronic payments to get delivery of goods and services. It is divided into several categories such as:

Mobile shopping 

It enables you to buy any product online using a mobile device from apps such as Amazon, Flipkart and other local websites.

Mobile banking 

It enables customers to access their accounts and conduct final transactions such as trading, paying bills and other financial transactions. All of them safely take place via a mobile app.

Mobile payment 

Traditional payment methods like cash, cheque, credit and debit cards that have been rarely used and started using other online modes of payment such as Gpay, scanning and paying with your bank's app, and various other digital payment methods.

5) Chatbots

For assisting customers in the market, chatbots are widely used.  Many companies began using them last year, but there's still untapped potential in leveraging app development services. At Microloop IT solution, Australia, we strongly recommend adopting chatbots for your business. Not only this will aid in growing your business, but it will being closely connected with your customers, providing 24*7 query resolution. To explore more reasons, let get in depth:

User management 

Chatbots help you build an effective two way communication between consumer audience and company. Chatbots are like messenger apps, offering a contemporary solution for customers who prefer to make use of modern technology.

Data analysis

Through chatbots, companies can engage in real time conversations with consumers. This also allows companies to also be able to measure what are recent and most common queries raised by customers, enabling problem solving  and gaining customer positive feedback.

Saving time and money

Your marketing department has other critical tasks to focus on besides resolving customer queries. To make this work easier, you need to hire the best app development service provider in Australia. They will help you update and install chatbots that will prove highly beneficial for your business.

24*7 Availability 

There is a need to invest in human resources, where you will be employing an individual to look after all complaints will be time-consuming. Instead, consider investing in a one-time app that can serve your business effectively for a lifetime, ensuring the best result for your business.


To sum up, app development services in Australia have been quite popular in recent years. 

Microloop IT Solution, Australia provides App development services, where we make sure that we follow appropriate app development processes step by step from planning,technical, prototyping, developing, quality assurance and publishing the app with new updates, bug free and new releases.

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